Luxury Spa’s In Mallorca

When looking for a touch of luxury, there isn’t much that beats a trip to a spa. Mallorca is home to many, all of which will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed.

La Residencia Spa in Deia was voted one of the four best spas in the Conde Nast Traveller Reader’s Spa 2010 Awards in the Europe, Asia Minor and Russian Federation category. This alone should speak of its merits and as it features an indoor pool and Jacuzzi, a sauna and steam room, six treatment rooms, three of which have outdoor massage areas with amazing views, and a gym. The resident beauty therapists are always on hand to discuss a personal treatment plan and there are a huge range of treatments that will relax, pamper and invigorate.

Mardavall Spa Costa D'en BlanesThe stunning Arabella Spa at the St Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort truly is a taste of heaven, allowing you to soak in tranquillity and relaxation. The surroundings are unrivalled and the spa itself is award wining and combines the very best of traditional and modern therapies from the Far East and the West. As one of Europe’s biggest spas, there is much to enjoy here whether it be in one of their 13 treatment rooms, outdoor and indoor pools, Egyptian Brine Bath, saunas, ice cave and state of the art gym. This spa really is stunning and offers an all round luxury experience. Anyone lucky enough to be staying at the hotel can obviously take advantage of this amazing facility however anyone who is looking for Luxury Villas To Rent in Costa D’en Blanes then this to is the perfect venue to unwind and relax.

Vital Spa s’Aigua Blava is widely considered one of the best urban therapeutic spas on the island, with its plethora of massage and hydrotherapy that will help treat or prevent various ailments. Situated in Palma, this spa features extensive leisure facilities including a swimming pool, padel courts, a fully equipped gym and then of course, the amazing spa itself. There are treatments to suit anyone, such as hot stone massages, reflexology and aromatic massages, all of which will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered.

The Vespian Spa at Hotel Reads is the perfect place to relax, reduce stress and treat yourself, with all the facilities to do it and more. Anything from Nutritional Consultants, Life Coaches, Fitness trainers and professional spa therapists can be found here and it’s consider as being one of the finest health spas in Europe, working hard to ensure a personalised and luxurious visit. And in the summer months, treatments can be moved to the private terrace allowing for a breath taking view of the Tramuntana Mountains. Vespian Spa Mallorca

Many discerning visitors to the beautiful Island of Mallorca choose to stay in one of these outstanding spa hotels and whilst we have only mentioned a few of the top venues there are many more situated in every major town.  Some travellers however are looking for Luxury Villas To Rent In Mallorca and whilst many of these have pools few have the kind of facilities the top spa’s can provide and so they offer a perfect solution for people who demand more from their holidays.


Historical Mallorca

It’s easy to forget sometimes that Mallorca isn’t just a great holiday destination full of sandy beaches, azure sea, first-rate hotels and luxury villas to rent, with hundreds upon thousands of tourists visiting every year to enjoy them. Mallorca is also home to rich history and culture, with places such as Palma Cathedral, the Arab Baths, many beautiful Churches and Monasteries, a Royal Palace and many more.

Palma Cathedral, or La Seu as it is known, is arguably the most iconic of all Palma’s buildings, an emblem of the Islands history, art, and faith. This magnificent Gothic Cathedral was built on the sight of a pre-existing Arabic Mosque and sits in the old city between La Almudaina and the episcopal palace and has the most breathtaking views of Palma and the sea. Palma Cathedral

It was James II who began the construction of the cathedral in 1229, but it was only finished in 1601. In the day, the sun shines on the golden stone, illuminating it in a warm, welcoming glow and by night the spotlights highlight the architecture of it, creating a beacon that shines bright in the darkness.

The cathedral has seen many changes over the years, most recently being the astonishing ceramic murals from Felantix artist Miguel Barceló. Inspired by the feeding of the five thousand, this creation took six years and was very well received, covering an incredible 300 square metres in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

Right next door to La Seu is the Arab Baths. There is very little visible architecture that remains of the Muslim period of Palma, but these Baths thankfully have and are exceptionally important. The construction of these baths dates back to the 10th century and is surrounded by a lush walled garden. As you enter the domed chamber, supported by 12 slim columns, you can see the various apertures that allowed steam to escape and the double floor through which the hot water travelled. There was also once a cold baths room, but that unfortunately no longer exists.

The baths are a place of peace and quiet in the bustling city and is like stepping back in time. With a little imagination, it is easy to see how these baths looked in their prime and is definitely worth the visit. Bellver Castle Mallorca

Three kilometres out of the centre of Palma, Bellver Castle stands proudly on a hill, over looking Palma and the cities beautiful bay. This castle is one of the most popular visitor attractions on the island, enticing thousands to come and discover it. The construction of this circular medieval fortress was ordered by James II in the early 1300’s and despite its age, has been very well maintained, allowing you to step into the past and explore the architecture and history of this circular Gothic castle.

The monastery of San Salvador is situated high up on the top of a mountain overlooking the vast and beautiful countryside below. On first glance, it’s very possible to think it impossible to get too, but on closer inspection, a thin road can be found which winds its way up the mountain. This journey is exhilarating leaning towards terrifying, as the thin road wraps around the mountain in sharp turns, a sheer drop on one side and only the barest of barriers in front of it if any at all. Needless to say it required extreme concentration. If you wind the window down and let the breeze stream into your face, it’s possible to believe you’re flying.

Once you’ve reached and parked at the top, the view is simply breath taking. The giant statue of Christ overlooks the countryside of Mallorca, looking like a patchwork quilt of green and terracotta spread out bellow. There are two walkways wrapping around the statue and either will yield beauty and awe.

Once inside the Church, the coolness is often a welcome relief and the silence is contagious, inspiring reverence as you look around. San Salvador is also a ‘working’ monastery, accepting pilgrims from all over, so it’s always very important to be respectful, especially in regards to dress code. Anything skimpy or revealing is most certainly not appropriate. San Salvador Mallorca

Before leaving this stunning place, have a drink or something to eat in the café as you reflect on the experience and look out at the views across Southwest Mallorca.

These are only the tip of the iceberg in regards to Mallorca’s rich history, so it’s certainly a good idea to forgo the beach sometimes and soak up the history and culture, instead of the sun.

Cala D’Or

This former fishing village has certainly grown from its humble beginnings and is now a chic cala, great for those wishing to shop, enjoy cocktails and great food in waterfront bars and restaurants, as well as sailing and diving in the beautiful, crystal clear coves of the areas many beaches. Those looking for luxury villas to rent in Cala d’Or will not be disappointed as the main center of Cala d’Or is packed full of shops, bars, restaurants and clubs. This does mean that it is often full to the brim with tourists and visitors during the summer months, but the area is generally a quiet one, as most entertainment is based in the hotels or centered Cala D'Or Beacharound the pedestrian zone. This makes Cala d’Or hugely popular with families, especially those with young children, as there is so much to keep them entertained. One of the most attractive places of Cala d’Or is without doubt the marina, with its myriad of beautiful restaurants and bars, not to mention the close up views of the boats that it offers. One such place that mixes all of these together in a truly unrivaled way is the Yacht Club Cala d’Or. This truly is a beautiful place to visit and is the perfect setting for a delicious meal in the bistro restaurant, with its full a la carte menu and Tapas bar. And afterwards, why not chill out and have a cocktail on the terrace. For even more luxury, try the plethora of wonderful spa treatments and pamper yourself, or work out in the state of the art gymnasium. Relaxing in the clubs landscape gardens is also highly recommended, as is taking a dip in the infinity pool or soaking up the heat in the sauna and steam rooms. The Yacht Club also hosts many art exhibitions that are well worth a viewing, as well as a multitude of different events throughout the year. Cala d’Or truly does have so much to offer and is definitely not one to be missed.

Cala D'Or Marina


Valldemossa is arguably one of the most stunning places on the Island. Located in the South West corner of Mallorca, nestled between the breathtaking Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range with views down to the ocean. No matter where you go in Valldemossa, there is always a photo opportunity, with its stone clad streets and sandstone buildings. Many artists, writers and musicians have found themselves here and been filled by its beauty, encouraging them to find inspiration. This is the place where Chopin discovered his melodies, George Sand found his words and where Saint Catalina Thomas uncovered peace.

When looking for luxury villas to rent in Mallorca, this is undoubtedly one of the first places you should look.Valldemossa View

When visiting Valldemossa, it is always a good idea to get there early in the morning, giving you plenty of time to look around before everything closes. One place well worth a visit is the beautiful Royal Carthusian Monastery in the square, with the visit ending with a piano concert. Whilst some would immediately think it not to their taste, it is certainly worth a listen, as the music is stunning and coupled with the setting and scenery, very moving.

This is also the setting for the luxurious Hotel Valldemossa. Set high up in rolling hills of Valldemossa, amidst olive and orange trees, the Hotel boasts some truly spectacular views that captivate the mind. The building itself formerly belonged to the Carthusian Monastery, so its beauty is not to be understated. By day, the sun beats off the weathered yellow stone, warm and inviting. By night, its lights illuminate the buildings like an array of torches high in the hills, drawing the eye to its overwhelming beauty.

With all this natural beauty, first class food, drink and service, the Hotel Valldemossa is truly one of a kind and will capture the hearts and minds of those who visit it forever. Back in the town itself, Valldemossa is home to some wonderful cafes and bakeries, the latter selling Mallorca’s famous Almond Cake. One café that should not be missed is the well known Cappuccino. You can find these in manyareas on the Island, but each one has its own unique style and charm. The beauty of Valldemossa’s Cappuccino is its view of the mountains on one side, and the town on the other. As always, the service, food and drink is all first class and together with the location, it makes for a very incredible experience.

You cannot speak to highly of Valldemossa and it is certainly a place that everyone should visit.

Valldemossa Property

Mallorca’s Best Beaches

Probably one of the most appealing aspects of Mallorca, and certainly the reason many people travel to this wonderful Island is the beautiful sandy beaches with their crystal clear waters. From tiny, secluded coves to large shop and café lined stretches, these beaches attract thousands of visitors, both tourist and local alike.

Cala d’Or is always a popular choice with many holiday makers and its beautiful beaches are certainly a major contributing factor. Cala d’Or spreads out along a fairly long stretch of coastline and has five beaches situated in small coves, or calas as they are known in Mallorca. These beaches are Cala d’Or, Cala Esmeralda, Cala Serena, Cala Ferrera and Cala Gran.

These beaches are as stunning as they are popular, so during the summer peak it can be a tight squeeze due to their small size. But with the fine white sand, tranquil clear waters and a close proximity to shops, cafes, hotels and a range of water sport opportunities, it does end up being worth it.

Aside from the hotels, many of the Luxury Villas to Rent in Cala d’Or are also located near the beaches many of which are frontline with uninterrupted views out to sea.

These beaches are also perfect for families, especially those with small children. Because the beaches are small it means that parents can relax knowing that children cannot wonder too far.  Each of these Cala’s also tend to have a long shallow area before a steady incline into deeper water again meaning children can paddle at the waters edge without getting out of their depth.

Further down from Cala d’Or is the stunning beach Cala Mondrago. Despite its remote location, this beach has become extremely popular due to its beautiful natural setting. The small beach is located in a Cala and is lined on both sides by a pine forest and situated within Mondrago National Park, making it perfect for walking under the shady trees and looking out over the ocean. The sand is silky soft and slopes gradually into clear blue water that is excellent for those who enjoy swimming and snorkelling. Cala Mondrago

This truly wonderful beach is a gem, one that many visit during the holiday seasons so it can get very crowded and sun loungers are often full if you don’t get there early. There are also ramps for the disabled, lifeguards on duty and a bar and restaurant, meaning there is no need to move far once you have arrived.

Parking is the only downside to this beach, as the car park closest to the beach is very small, so it’s always worth getting there early in the mornings. If you don’t have a car to worry about however, buses are available as well as boats such as the Starfish Glass-bottomed boat, which also stops off at various bays along the East coast.

If Mondrago is too busy for you, then S’Amarador is perfect. This award winning beach can be accessed by following the curved path on one side of the cove’s cliffs and has all the best aspects of Mondrago, if not more, but isn’t as crowded due to it being less easily accessed.

The glorious sandy white beach is small and sheltered, framed by cliffs and pine forests. Sun loungers and parasols are available to rent and there’s a small bar for refreshments too.

The colour of the sea here is truly breath taking and is the perfect place for swimming, snorkelling and canoeing.  With many of the surrounding bays being popular with yachts, it’s a great spot to sit back, relax and watch them all go past.

Should relaxing get a little too boring, there are a number of walking trails in the area which are highly recommended and are a great opportunity to explore the coastline and witness the true beauty of this part of Mallorca.

If however, you want a change from the usual sandy white beaches, Cala Llamp Bay near Port d’Andratx is the perfect place. Tucked just around the corner from the port, this Cala is simply stunning, with its calm, crystal clear waters and serene views. The Tramuntana Mountains create high cliffs all around which have formed this quiet crescent bay. Despite its lack of sand, there are still many sunbathing options on the flat stone terraces, so long as you bring your own loungers or lilos. This Cala however, is probably more suited to those more interested in swimming, snorkelling and exploring the rock pools as opposed to soaking up the sun.

If you want a little more luxury, you could always visit the Gran Folies Beach Club. Set adjacent to the stone platform shelves, it offers sun loungers, parasols, a swimming pool and a restaurant. You have to pay to access it, but if you want that extra something in a stunning, tranquil setting then it’s well worth it.

One of most popular beaches in Mallorca is Playa Oratori de Portals, the local beach for Puerto Portals and Portals Nous. With its fine golden sand, clear water and a small Island in the middle of the bay to swim out to, this beach is truly special. You can easily hire sun loungers and parasols, lifeguards are on duty and there’s an area set aside for volleyball.

The best thing about this beach though, and what sets it apart from all others, is the wonderful Roxy’s Beach Bar. Located at the end of the beach on a small rocky platform, this casual, friendly place offers fantastic views of the beautiful bay and the Puerto Portals marina further out. With chill-out music and amazing cocktails, not to mention the special house sangria, this has that Ibiza feel that makes it very popular with both the international crowd and the locals.

These are but a taster of the fantastic beaches on the island, and the vast majority are close to the many hotels and luxury villas to rent in Mallorca, meaning it’s exceptionally easy to visit and experience their beauty for yourself.

Mallorca Beaches

Palma – Mallorca

Palma, the beautiful capital city of Mallorca. From the moment you set eyes on this bustling city you are enchanted, its golden sandstone practically glowing in the light of the sun. For tourists and locals alike, Palma holds innumerable surprises and delights that just beg to be discovered and enjoyed.

Palma is home to half of Mallorca’s population and with its rich history, abundance of shops, cafe’s, galleries and exciting nightlife; it’s easy to see why. There are many beautiful hotels in and around Palma’s center, but for those wishing to stay longer or prefer having their independence, there are many luxury villas to rent in Mallorca.

The city itself is undeniably stunning with the masterpiece that is Palma’s Roman Catholic Gothic cathedral, the old Arab quarter, the numerous exquisite courtyards and the beautiful tree lined promenades.

Palma was originally founded as a Roman camp, but history saw it fall into many different hands, most notably becoming an Islamic city between 902 and 1229. However, on December 31, 1220, the city was re-conquered by James I of Aragon after three months of siege and renamed Palma de Mallorca. It was his son, James II who began the construction of the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, or more commonly referred to as La Seu, in 1229 but was only finished in 1601. Palma Cathedral

This breath-taking cathedral was built on the sight of a pre-existing Arab mosque and sits within the old city between the Royal Palace of La Almudaina and the episcopal palace. It also has an unrivalled view of the sea.

In 1950, the mass tourism trade caused Palma and the whole of the island in general, to go through some drastic changes and it became a top destination for tourist and also for new workers coming over from mainland Spain. This huge wave of tourism changed the face of Palma and carried with it economic growth and high employment. However, it managed to retain all of its natural charm and culture, unlike many places when high tourism hits, so it always manages to feel authentic and you cannot help but soak up the beauty and atmosphere.

So why not take a stroll down the twisting maze of narrow cobbled streets and discover tranquil squares, art galleries, cafes and shops. Wander down the tree lined Passeig des Born and enjoy a coffee in the sunlight at one of the many cafes or maybe even some tapas and cocktails. Marvel at the rich history and breathtaking beauty of the Cathedral and Palua De L’Almudaina in the old town. Walk along the harbor front to gaze at the stunning Mediterranean Sea and the many boats moored there.

No matter what you do or where you go in this stunning city, you will not be disappointed.

Palma City