Palma – Mallorca

Palma, the beautiful capital city of Mallorca. From the moment you set eyes on this bustling city you are enchanted, its golden sandstone practically glowing in the light of the sun. For tourists and locals alike, Palma holds innumerable surprises and delights that just beg to be discovered and enjoyed.

Palma is home to half of Mallorca’s population and with its rich history, abundance of shops, cafe’s, galleries and exciting nightlife; it’s easy to see why. There are many beautiful hotels in and around Palma’s center, but for those wishing to stay longer or prefer having their independence, there are many luxury villas to rent in Mallorca.

The city itself is undeniably stunning with the masterpiece that is Palma’s Roman Catholic Gothic cathedral, the old Arab quarter, the numerous exquisite courtyards and the beautiful tree lined promenades.

Palma was originally founded as a Roman camp, but history saw it fall into many different hands, most notably becoming an Islamic city between 902 and 1229. However, on December 31, 1220, the city was re-conquered by James I of Aragon after three months of siege and renamed Palma de Mallorca. It was his son, James II who began the construction of the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, or more commonly referred to as La Seu, in 1229 but was only finished in 1601. Palma Cathedral

This breath-taking cathedral was built on the sight of a pre-existing Arab mosque and sits within the old city between the Royal Palace of La Almudaina and the episcopal palace. It also has an unrivalled view of the sea.

In 1950, the mass tourism trade caused Palma and the whole of the island in general, to go through some drastic changes and it became a top destination for tourist and also for new workers coming over from mainland Spain. This huge wave of tourism changed the face of Palma and carried with it economic growth and high employment. However, it managed to retain all of its natural charm and culture, unlike many places when high tourism hits, so it always manages to feel authentic and you cannot help but soak up the beauty and atmosphere.

So why not take a stroll down the twisting maze of narrow cobbled streets and discover tranquil squares, art galleries, cafes and shops. Wander down the tree lined Passeig des Born and enjoy a coffee in the sunlight at one of the many cafes or maybe even some tapas and cocktails. Marvel at the rich history and breathtaking beauty of the Cathedral and Palua De L’Almudaina in the old town. Walk along the harbor front to gaze at the stunning Mediterranean Sea and the many boats moored there.

No matter what you do or where you go in this stunning city, you will not be disappointed.

Palma City

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