Valldemossa is arguably one of the most stunning places on the Island. Located in the South West corner of Mallorca, nestled between the breathtaking Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range with views down to the ocean. No matter where you go in Valldemossa, there is always a photo opportunity, with its stone clad streets and sandstone buildings. Many artists, writers and musicians have found themselves here and been filled by its beauty, encouraging them to find inspiration. This is the place where Chopin discovered his melodies, George Sand found his words and where Saint Catalina Thomas uncovered peace.

When looking for luxury villas to rent in Mallorca, this is undoubtedly one of the first places you should look.Valldemossa View

When visiting Valldemossa, it is always a good idea to get there early in the morning, giving you plenty of time to look around before everything closes. One place well worth a visit is the beautiful Royal Carthusian Monastery in the square, with the visit ending with a piano concert. Whilst some would immediately think it not to their taste, it is certainly worth a listen, as the music is stunning and coupled with the setting and scenery, very moving.

This is also the setting for the luxurious Hotel Valldemossa. Set high up in rolling hills of Valldemossa, amidst olive and orange trees, the Hotel boasts some truly spectacular views that captivate the mind. The building itself formerly belonged to the Carthusian Monastery, so its beauty is not to be understated. By day, the sun beats off the weathered yellow stone, warm and inviting. By night, its lights illuminate the buildings like an array of torches high in the hills, drawing the eye to its overwhelming beauty.

With all this natural beauty, first class food, drink and service, the Hotel Valldemossa is truly one of a kind and will capture the hearts and minds of those who visit it forever. Back in the town itself, Valldemossa is home to some wonderful cafes and bakeries, the latter selling Mallorca’s famous Almond Cake. One café that should not be missed is the well known Cappuccino. You can find these in manyareas on the Island, but each one has its own unique style and charm. The beauty of Valldemossa’s Cappuccino is its view of the mountains on one side, and the town on the other. As always, the service, food and drink is all first class and together with the location, it makes for a very incredible experience.

You cannot speak to highly of Valldemossa and it is certainly a place that everyone should visit.

Valldemossa Property


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