Great Places To Shop In Palma

Whilst there are undoubtedly more places to shop on the Island, the real cream of the crop are all to be found in Palma. From well-known brands to new and one off shops, the capitol of Mallorca is the place to go.

One name that you will hear all over the island is Rialto Living, a former cinema turned lifestyle shop. With an amazing array of interior design, gifts, fashion, art, home décor and much more, as well as a charming café to recharge after a hard shopping session. Founded in 2007 by Klas Kall and housed in an iconic 15th century building, this shop has had time to mature into a truly amazing shopping experience and a visually stunning one at that. Home décor is definitely where Rialto Living shows its excellence though, with a luxurious living room range featuring four different styles; the clean and fresh Hamptons, the elegant Rialto Livingurban New York, the happy and brightly patterned Colourful European and finally, the natural, rustic Ethnic. The bedroom also gets a touch of elegance with a range of beautiful sheets in soft cotton, linen, cashmere and mohair. The bathroom is also treated with a glamorous assortment of accessories that will pamper and relax, such as fragrances from Penhaligon’s, Parfumeur, Byredo and Miller Harris. The décor and gifts are also fantastic, with a wide range of stylish, functional and fun essentials. With all of this and much more, Rialto Living is an incredible amalgamation of luxury brands, innovative ideas and beautiful products. If you have decided to stay in one of the Luxury Villas To Rent In Mallorca then you may find that many of the beautiful furnishings have been purchased at this fabulous store.

Set on one of Palma’s most exclusive shopping high streets, the Passeig del Borne, Hugo Boss spreads out over three floors, offering the latest collections for men and women from the brand’s three main labels; Boss Orange, casual and outdoor clothing, Boss Black, business and evening clothes and Boss Green, sports and golf clothing. The top floor is also home to a specialist tailors area ensuring you always have an immaculately fitting suit.

For a more relaxed, but no less special shop, Tree of Life is an absolute must. This exclusive boho-chic shop features brands such as Beatrice San Francisco, Spell and the gypsy collective, Charo Ruiz and Sugarhigh Lovestoned, all of which have clothes and accessories with a distinct hippie, surf and ethnic vibe, put together with the utmost taste and creativity. Not only are the products funky and eye catching, but the shop itself too, with its ethnic, beach hut atmosphere. Tree of Life is a real visual treat and a truly unique gem.

Desigual, a name everyone should know. With two shops in Palma and more spread out across the rest of the island, it’s easy to have a chance to visit this fantastic shop. Full of vibrant colours, eye-catching patterns and innovative designs, these are more than just clothes, they’re a work of art. Featuring clothes Desigual Palmaand accessories for men, women and children, there is something for everyone. Every season, the Desigual designers collaborate to create new and exciting clothing based around different concepts, the most recent of which has been the Cirque du Soleil inspired collection. This truly unique shop is a feast for the eyes and promises unique and fantastical clothing.

Loewe Gallery Palma is the ultimate showroom for Loewe and Bose home entertainment systems. The team in the showroom are experienced and dedicated, helping you to achieve the best possible combination of home entertainment systems. The powerful, intelligent and state of the art equipment ensures the ultimate television and sound experience that won’t disappoint.

All of these and more can be found in Palma, so start early to make the most of the day and shop till you drop.

Palma is clearly a place all visitors to the Island should enjoy at least once however if you have decided to opt for a Luxury Villa To Rent In Portals Nous then you are less than 10 minutes away from the capitol and could enjoy many excursions into this truly stunning city.