Best Markets in Mallorca

When people visit the Island and stay in one of the many fine hotels then often entertainment is organised and close to hand.  People staying in one of the many Luxury Villas To Rent in Mallorca need to find their own entertainment. For this reason we have decided to create a series of articles covering some of the rich history and beautiful things to see on this amazing Island.

One of the Islands greatest features has got to be its markets, with their rich, vibrant colours and bustling nature, selling everything from the freshest produce to art and trinkets. There are many markets spread all over the island and there is at least one on every day of the week, so finding one to visit is never a problem.Market Mallorca

The market at Andratx is one of the oldest on the island and takes pride in its vast selection of fresh produce, beautiful flowers, clothes and much more. Open on a Wednesday from 8.00am to 1.00pm, it’s always recommended to get there earlier rather than later to avoid the midday heat and see the whole market. Andratx market can be found in the village rather than the port and no trip to the West of Mallorca would be complete without seeing this amazing market. 

The charming market of Arta occurs on a Tuesday and a Saturday from 8.00am to 1.00pm and matches the town in its relaxed, friendly atmosphere and welcoming environment. It has an entire indoor food market selling fresh local fruit, vegetables and meats, whilst the outdoor stalls feature clothes, jewellery and local handicrafts. It may not be one of the biggest markets on the island, but its charm and character make visiting this market a great experience for anyone. 

The market at Inca is another of the oldest markets in Mallorca, having held one from medieval times and with this tradition carrying on every Thursday, Friday and Sunday from 8.00am to 1.00pm. Focusing on what Inca is famous for, the market features the best leather goods, shoes, bags and belts on the island. However, there is still a huge variety of fresh fruit and veg stalls and on a Sunday, the indoor market opens up in a new avant garde building and holds stalls selling produce, spices, butcheries and bakeries. 

Sineu holds a very special market every Wednesday and Saturday from 8.00am to 1.00pm. This market is the only one left on the island that features livestock being bought and sold. It also features local sourced fruit and veg from the nearby farms, meat and more, making for a really unusual and lively market.

Market Mallorca FoodEvery Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, an amazing market occurs in Llotja del Peix from 6.00am to 2.00pm where you can buy the freshest fish it’s possible to get. Every morning, the fishermen supply a huge amount of perfect seafood to the dock of Moll de Pescadors. The extensive selection available is amazing and it’s easy to see why the best fish restaurants all purchase from this market. Throughout this bustling, lively market you can see fishermen haggle back and forth with customers as they try and secure the best price for the prize catches. 

There are many more markets on the Island, so no matter which day of the week or what you’re looking for, there will undoubtedly be a market perfect for you. They remain one of Mallorca’s best aspects and are places where you can really soak up the atmosphere of the Island and its people. 


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